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Welcome to my website! Whatever has brought you here, I hope you find the site useful. If you don’t find what you are looking for, please let me know at the Contact page. Through these pages I am able to share my professional life and my understanding of its roles, responsibilities, and rewards. I explain what drew me into academic life (see Translation), what I have accomplished to date (CV), my work with students (Teaching and For Students), and what I contribute to my campus and community (Service). I hope that students in particular---past, present, and future---will find the pages helpful and come to know their instructor better.

I joined the faculty of the University of Michigan-Flint in 1994 after completing my doctoral work at Indiana University. I am a Slavist specializing in Polish literature and culture (PhD, 1985) with an undergraduate degree in History. My research interests include Polish drama, the writer Bruno Schulz, Jewish life in Poland, and Galicia under Austrian rule. In the Department of History at U of M-Flint I have been able to develop courses that utilize my knowledge in several disciplines and that engage students in the areas that fascinate me.

Flint, Michigan, has been my home since 1984 and I have learned to appreciate its extraordinary history from Carriage Town to “Vehicle City” and the birthplace of General Motors. A diverse population of many heritages (Eastern Europe, Russia, Middle East, African American, Native American, Asian) makes Flint a lively cultural mosaic. Today Flint strives to build its new identity in the 21st century. As a Slavist I observe how some of these challenges resemble those faced in Eastern Europe after the fall of Communism.

A word about the photos here. I was born and raised in California. Although I’ve lived in other places for long periods, the Pacific coast always draws me back. These shots were taken in the month of February near Redondo Beach and San Pedro. Southern California is my place to relax and reflect between semesters and to get a break from the snow and cold of long Michigan winters.

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