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Here are some websites you might want to visit . . .

University of Michigan-Flint and the Department of History:

Office of Extended Learning at University of Michigan-Flint
(online course offerings):

Jewish Heritage Project which has supported some of my recent translations:

The American Association for the Advancement of Slavic Studies or AAASS which is the flagship professional organization for all disciplines in Slavic studies:

American Literary Translators Association or ALTA, the premier professional organizations for literary translators:

The best gateway to contemporary Polish culture accessible in English:

Central clearinghouse for Polish studies and a directory of the most informative world wide web sites related to Poland

Official web gateway to Poland
Explore Poland's national portal. Like many European countries, Poland strives to keep the national portal appealing and up to date. Tourism is a major industry and the national portal encourages travel to Poland.  Also, because the Polish parliamentary system is difficult for Americans to understand, the national portal is a good guide to politics. 

Polish Studies in the US
This site was created at the Polish Studies Center on the Buffalo campus of State University of New York.  It serves and involves 143 institutions in the US and provides wide and varied information and links on Polish studies.  Buffalo has had an enormous Polish community since the late 19th and early 20th century.

Polish American Studies Association
PAHA or the Polish American Studies Association is the organization of scholars and students who study the life of Polish people and Polish affairs in the United States.  As the old joke goes, "there are more Poles living in Chicago than in Warsaw." Other major Polish communities exist in Buffalo and Hamtramck, but countless little towns across America also are named for early Polish settlers.  So explore the PAHA site and remember---many of these organizations encourage student membership.

Polish Institute of Arts and Sciences in America
This is the major scholarly organization for Polish studies in the United States. It was founded during World War II when Polish scholars found themselves in exile from Nazi occupied Poland. Its foundation was assisted by the Polish Government in Exile in London.  The postwar history of the organization paralleled international developments---the Cold War years, the decline of Soviet power, the birth of Solidarity, and finally a free and independent Poland and eastern Europe.  Like PAHA, PIASA also publishes an academic journal. 

Center for Russian and East European Studies at University of Michigan Ann Arbor
At UM-Ann Arbor, Polish studies is a part of the larger Center for Russian and East European Studies.  You can see what kinds of courses are offered in Polish studies and who the Faculty are.

Polish Studies Association list
The Polish studies scholars of North America, organized as the Polish Studies Association, have a email list to which you can subscribe.  Getting email on this list keeps you up to date on topics and issues connected with Polish affairs worldwide.  Click on to their site and explore it; then click on to "listserve" and sign up.  You'll want to create a folder in your email favorites to archive any emails you want to save. 

"Siec" Digest of Polish American news
"Siec" which means net or network is a digest of Polish and Polish American news compiled from persons and organizations that subscribe to the site.  It's quite varied and up to date.

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